How do I keep my iPhone calls from ringing on my Mac?

Q: Is there some way to keep my iPhone calls from popping up on my Mac every time somebody calls me? This has been happening ever since I got a new MacBook Air, and it’s really starting to bug me — especially since half the time it keeps on ringing after I’ve already answered my iPhone. I like that I can get my text messages on my Mac, so I don’t want to turn the “Handoff” feature off entirely, but I was hoping there was some way I could just turn off the phone calls section. I’ve looked through my settings and can’t find an option for it anywhere on my iPhone or my Mac.

Please help!

How do I keep my iPhone calls from ringing on my Mac?

A: The good news is that you actually can turn this feature off, although for whatever reason Apple has hidden it under the FaceTime settings, rather than the Phone settings on your iPhone and your Mac. While this arguably makes some sense on the Mac side, as it’s the FaceTime app that’s used to place and receive Handoff calls, it’s admittedly not where one would expect to find the option on the iPhone side.

Simply toggle off the option for “iPhone Cellular Calls” either in Settings, FaceTime on your iPhone, or by opening up the FaceTime app on your Mac and unchecking the option in the Preferences for that specific app.

Turning it off on either end will prevent the calls from coming through, and if you’re only using a Mac and an iPhone, it doesn’t matter where you switch the option off. However, if you were also using an iPad or a different Mac and still wanted to be able to Handoff calls to that device, then turning the option off on your Mac would prevent only that device from receiving calls, while your iPhone would still be able to send them to other devices.