iCloud and Find My iPhone

Q: With the introduction of iCloud, what will happen to the “Find my iPhone” application of MobileMe? If iCloud is free (to an extent) will users still have to pay for the “Find my iPhone” feature?

– Peter

A: Actually, Apple began making Find My iPhone available at no additional charge to any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad owner with the release of iOS 4.2 last November. MobileMe users of course continue to have it as part of their MobileMe package, but with iOS 4.2 and later, users can actually set it up with any Apple ID and log in at http://www.me.com with that Apple ID to access just the Find My iPhone page.

Likewise, the separate Find My iPhone iOS app can be used with any Apple ID, not just a MobileMe account.

All evidence suggests that iCloud will not only continue to support the Find My iPhone feature, but it looks like it will also be adding a Find My Mac feature to the mix for Mac OS X users.