Identifying “explicit” songs from the iTunes Music Store

Q: When shopping for music in iTunes, I notice that some songs are labeled “Explicit.��? Is there a way to retain that label when you purchase these songs? I would like to keep track of which songs that I have purchased that have “Explicit” lyrics.

– Anonymous

A: No, this label does not transfer by default from the iTunes Music Store, and there’s no option to allow this to happen.

Our suggestion would be to keep track of your “Explicit” tracks by simply placing the word “Explicit” in each song’s “Comments” field. Then, a smart playlist can be built that collects all Explicit songs together (or keeps them out!).

Granted, this certainly involves more manual labor than you were hoping, but you may find that a few simple manual tag additions made each time you purchase new music is worth the additional criteria you can use to further organize your music.

Jerrod H.