Identifying tracks lacking album art

Q: Is there any way to find out which of my songs or albums are missing artwork, other than going through each one individually? I’d rather not hand the whole artwork downloading process to a third-party program… I just want something basic to tell me which files I need to look at.

– Louis

A: We would love to see “Album Art” “Is” “False” as a possible Smart Playlist criteria, but too many iTunes revisions have passed for us to continue waiting. Instead, we’ve been using an AppleScript (Mac only… sorry, Windows users!) from Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes called “Find Songs Without Artwork.” This script will analyze a selection of songs or an entire playlist, and create a new playlist containing the songs in that group that don’t have artwork.

It works wonderfully, though since it isn’t a “Smart” playlist, you’ll need to periodically run it as you add artwork to your tracks. To install this script, download the file from the link above, and move the file “Find songs w-o artwork” to your “/Users/[username]/Library/iTunes/Scripts” folder.

For Windows iTunes users, AppleScripts aren’t supported.

To our knowledge, there’s no solution as basic as you’d like available on the PC. However, the Windows portion of our Downloads section has several different software offerings designed to automate the collection of iTunes cover art images.