As hard as it might be to remember today, the iPod and iTunes helped Apple recover from a bruising personal computer battle that saw the company nearly go bankrupt—Apple’s pocket-sized media players helped re-introduce consumers to a well-respected but marginalized brand, providing affordable entry points into Apple’s ecosystem of products. Within five years of the first iPod’s introduction, Apple was widely regarded as the world’s leading designer of pocket and portable electronics. Today, the iPod, iTunes, iPhone, Apple TV, and iPad names are synonymous with international success; we look at their continued evolution in this iHistory lesson.

iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

This second part of a two-part article covers 2011 to the present day, while the first part covers 2001 to 2010. Enjoy!


January 5: Verizon iPhone Parts Appear Online?
– Slightly redesigned iPhone 4 shows different black bands, moved switch and buttons.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

January 6: iPad 2 Body Seen at iLounge Pavilion
– Accessory developer shows a supposed iPad 2 rear shell, with features that match early case leaks.

January 10: Apple Drops iPhone 3GS Price, Restock Fees
– iPhone 3GS cut from $99 to $49, with 2-year contract.
– All Apple restocking fees eliminated.

January 11: Verizon iPhone Finally A Reality
– Apple and Verizon announce launch of CDMA-based iPhone 4 for February 10; same prices as AT&T model.
– $30 unlimited data at first, to be replaced with tiered options.
– Launches to short lines, but sales are consistently strong.

January 17: Apple CEO Jobs Takes Medical Leave of Absence
– For second time in two years, Jobs leaves to focus on health while battling pancreatic cancer.

January 18: 298M iPods, 89.9M iPhones, 14.79M iPads Sold

January 22: 10 Billionth App Downloaded
– Gail Davis’s download of Paper Glider rewarded with $10,000 iTunes card.

February 2: News Corp. Launches “The Daily” iPad Newspaper
– Aided by Apple, News Corp. launches daily newspaper app with interactive content.
– Utilizes new “In-App Subscription” billing option from Apple: $0.99/week, $40/year.
– Usability, stability, quality of content criticized from early on.

February 9: HP Unveils iPad Rival TouchPad
– 9.7”-inch tablet computer runs webOS, acquired during purchase of Palm.
– Physically very similar to the first-generation iPad, but plastic.
– TouchPad and all webOS hardware killed off August 18, weeks after the tablet’s release.

February 24: The Future of MobileMe
– Apple stops selling boxed versions of its online service for Mac OS, iOS devices.
– Rumors suggest revamped free service with new features, cloud-based “locker” for content.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

March 2: Apple Announces iPad 2
– Matching rumors, iPad 2 to launch March 11.
– New dual-core A5 processor, two cameras, available in black or white, is thinner and lighter than first-generation model, same prices.
– Garageband, iMovie debuted for iPad.
-Launches to long lines, sell outs on March 11.
– 100M iPhones, 15M iPads, 100M iBooks sold.

March 9: iOS 4.3 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
– Improved performance, iPad side-switch options, Personal Hotspot for GSM iPhones, Home Sharing.
– Apple TV 4.2 brings MLB and NBA content, AirPlay for apps and Safari, other new features.

April 28: White iPhone 4 Launches
– After months of delays, GSM- and CDMA-versions of the white iPhone 4 finally launch to short lines.

May 4: AT&T Says No Summer Launch For Next iPhone
– Kicks off months of speculation, confusion about new iPhone models.

June 6: Apple Announces iOS 5, iCloud, iTunes Match
– WWDC focuses on software; iOS gets revamped notifications, iMessage instant messages, Twitter integration, wireless syncing and over-the-air updating.
– iCloud is a new free replacement for MobileMe, with contact, calender, and mail syncing, redownloads of iTunes content, cloud-based backups, and more. iTunes Match is introduced as a new syncing/downloading service for music whether it was purchased through iTunes or not; subscriptions are $25/year.

June 8: Jobs Outlines Plans For New “Spaceship” Campus in Cupertino

June 14: Apple Begins Offering Unlocked iPhone 4 In The U.S.
– GSM iPhone 4 can be purchased unlocked; $649 (16GB), $749 (32GB).

June 22: Bloomberg Reports Specs Of Next-Generation iPhone
– Magazine claims same A5 processor as iPad 2, 8-Megapixel camera.

July 7: 15 Billion App Store Downloads

July 19: 128.89M iPhones, 314.56M iPhones, 28.73M iPads Sold

July 22: T-Mobile USA Offers iPhone 4 SIMs
– Despite not carrying the device, T-Mobile offers service to those with unlocked iPhones.
– Later claims over 1M iPhone users on network.

August 1: Apple TV Updated, Adds iCloud TV Shows
– Unexpected software update brings streaming of previously purchased iTunes TV content.

August 9: Apple Passes Exxon Mobil In Market Cap
– Apple becomes world’s most valuable company.
– The two companies swap positions for months.

August 24: Steve Jobs Resigns
– Hinting at health, Apple CEO resigns, named Chairman of Board.
– Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook is named new CEO.

August 26: 99-Cent TV Show Rentals Pulled From iTunes
– Without explanation, Apple halts TV show episode rentals, one of the second-generation Apple TV’s highly promoted features.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

September 7: Next-gen iPhone Test Photo Appears Online
– EXIF data of sushi image apparently confirms photo was taken on Apple’s campus.
– Suggests 3264 x 2448 resolution, 8-Megapixel camera at f/2.4.

September 28: Amazon Undercuts Apple With $79-$199 Kindle
– Online retailer introduces cheaper dedicated e-readers.
– Also shows off Kindle Fire, a $199 7” color-screened tablet to launch in November.

September 30: Click Wheel Games Disappear from iTunes Store
– Five years after introduction, Click Wheel games are removed from the iTunes Store.
– Believed to suggest iPod classic was on way out after extended period without an update.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

October 4: Apple Unveils iPhone 4S
– After months of rumors, Apple debuts new iPhone 4S.
– $199 (16GB), $299 (32GB), $399 (64GB).
– Same body as iPhone 4, redesigned antenna, A5 processor, 8-Megapixel camera.
– Gets voice-activated Siri personal assistant, acquired from an iOS developer, demoed by Senior VP Scott Forstall.
– White iPod touch added, 8GB price drops to $199.
– iPod nano price now $129 (8GB), $149 (16GB), new software changes UI, adds new watch faces.
– AppleCare+ plan replaces standard AppleCare for iPhone, offers coverage for accidental damage.
– Over 300 million iPods sold, 16 billion songs downloaded.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

October 5: Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs Dies, Aged 56
– Passing of Jobs announced on, following battle with pancreatic cancer.
– Profound worldwide reaction to loss of “creative genius.”
– Apple launches dedicated “Remembering Steve” site, holds memorial event for corporate and retail employees.

October 12-14: iOS 5, iPhone 4S Released
– Smooth rollout of iOS 5 ushers in the beginning of PC-free iPad, iPhone, iPod touch ownership.
– iCloud goes fully live; iTunes Match follows in mid-November, and iTunes in the Cloud expands, allowing free streaming of more purchased music/TV shows.
– Apple TV adds NHL, WSJ videos, support for Photo Stream, AirPlay Mirroring.
– Following one million preorders, iPhone 4S goes on sale to lines at Apple Retail Stores and other retailers; over four million are sold in the first weekend, more than doubling record set by iPhone 4.
– Soon after launch, iPhone 4S users begin to experience Siri outages and issues, seemingly attributable to both connectivity and server problems.

October 18: 145.96 Million iPhones, 321.18 Million iPods, 39.85M iPads Sold

November 1: Apple Retail SVP Johnson Joins J.C. Penney, Engineering VP Leaves
– Announced in mid-June, Rob Johnson takes over troubled J.C. Penney chain; Apple searches for a replacement. David Tupman, a VP of iPod and iPhone engineering, quietly leaves late in 2011, while other executive changes continue under Tim Cook’s leadership.


January 8: Third-Gen iPad Body Leaks
– Tiny differences suggest an improved rear camera and thicker body for upcoming model.

January 12: Chinese iPhone 4S Launch Marred
– Shoppers pelt Beijing’s Apple Store with eggs after Apple misses launch time; Apple stops at-store sales.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

January 19: Apple Adds iPad Textbooks To iBooks 2
– NYC education-focused event sees debut of iPad-only interactive textbooks, and iTunes U app for students/teachers.

January 24: 336.58M iPods, 183M iPhones, 55.28M iPads Sold

January 26: Foxconn Manufacturing Under Fire, Cook Responds
– After reports of poor working conditions at Foxconn, Apple’s top manufacturing partner, CEO Tim Cook promises increased oversight of partners, higher salaries for Foxconn workers, and fair labor hours.

January 31: John Browett Hired As Senior VP, Retail
– Hired following CEO stints at UK retailers Dixons Retail and Tesco, Browett is later blamed for flagging morale and other issues at Apple’s retail stores.

February 14: Eight-Inch iPad Now In Testing, WSJ Reports


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

February 24: “Micro” Dock Connector Coming
– Renewed reports suggest Apple will replace the 2003-vintage Dock Connector, likely soon.

March 5: 25 Billionth App Downloaded: “Where’s My Water? Free”


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

March 7: Apple Unveils iPad (3rd-Gen) + Apple TV (3rd-Gen)
– “The new iPad” looks nearly identical to iPad 2, but sports a 2048×1536 Retina display, 5MP rear camera, and LTE/4G cellular option at prior $499-$829 prices. A new A5X processor is inside.
– Three million new iPads are sold in first four days of Mar. 16 launch.
– Users discover new iPads run warm, require extra recharging time.
– iPad 2 drops in price to $399 with a $529 cellular model.
– Third-gen Apple TV keeps design and $99 price, adds 1080p video.
– Redesigned Apple TV 5.0 UI switches to icon grid akin to iOS devices.
– iTunes in the Cloud adds movies; iTunes 10.6 gets 1080p support.

May 3: iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G Body Leaks Begin
– iLounge reveals next iPhone will have a metal/glass back, 4” screen, and new dock port; a 4” iPod touch screen is leaked.

June 11: Foxconn Hints At iTV
– Following rumors, Apple’s manufacturing partner claims it will build an aluminum Apple TV set with Siri and FaceTime.
– Apple later discloses that content/cable company negotiations failed; had planned to offer live and on-demand content via iTV.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

June 11: iOS 6 Shown: New Maps, Passbook, Facebook
– Promising over 200 new features, iOS 6 is announced for a “fall” release. A new Apple-developed Maps app, the digital coupon/pass-holding wallet Passbook, and Facebook integration are added, with Siri improvements – including iPad support.

July 24: 351.08M iPods, 244.1M iPhones, 84.08M iPads Sold

July 31: Apple v. Samsung Trial Begins
– Apple accuses partner Samsung of infringing iPhone, iPad + iPod patents; Samsung countersues.
– After being forced to divulge confidential info on iPhone and iPad development and marketing, Apple wins $1B jury verdict, affirming UI + design patents.
– Trial reveals many iPhone and iPad prototypes, survey showing 78% of iPhone users use cases, and that Apple “buzz marketing” gets products in movies and TV.

August 15: Apple Explores Set-Top Box Version of Apple TV
– The WSJ reports that Apple has worked on set-top box plans for the Apple TV for two years, but cable operators haven’t signed on, balking at Apple’s 30% cut on transactions.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

September 12: Apple Debuts iPhone 5, iPod nano 7G, iPod touch 5G
– Leaks reveal a taller, faster iPhone 5 that Apple officially debuts at an event with a similar iPod touch ($299-$399), plus a fully redesigned iPod nano ($149) featuring a 2.5” touchscreen and restored video playback. All three feature new Lightning ports.
– iTunes 10.7 arrives that day, with iPhone 5 on September 21,
and the iPods in mid-October. iTunes 11 is due in “late October,” then is delayed for quality assurance reasons.
– Event is sign of an odd shift of major hardware and software updates to late in year, removing previously staggered debuts.
– Major problems with new iOS Maps app cause Cook to issue public apology, quietly creating turmoil within Apple’s executive ranks.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

October 23: Apple Announces iPad mini, iPad (4th-Gen)
– The 7.9”-screened iPad mini debuts with surprising pricing: $329 to start, with iPad-style 16/32/64GB capacities and $130 cellular options. Apple also announces the iPad (4th-Gen) with a faster A6X chip and Lightning port. Both models launch November 2 in Wi-Fi versions, with cellular models hitting November 16.

October 25: 355.98 Million iPods, 271 Million iPhones, 100 Million iPads Sold

October 29: Browett, Forstall Out; Jonathan Ive, Eddy Cue, Craig Federighi Take On New iOS Responsibilities
– Senior VP of iOS Scott Forstall, once called Apple’s “CEO in waiting,” is reportedly forced out of the company following complaints over Siri, Maps, and iOS app design; several key executives take over his prior responsibilities in a move Apple suggests will be consensus-building. After a tumultous, short run, retail chief John Browett leaves as well. One month later, Apple also fires Richard Williamson, listed as a manager of iOS Maps.

November 7: Apple Loses FaceTime Patent Fight
– A judge orders Apple to pay patent troll VirnetX $368.2-million for infringing VPN patents with FaceTime, causing Apple to quietly alter FaceTime to rely on relay servers, later removing its ability to offer HD-quality video connections.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

November 29: iTunes 11 Released
– Following an unexpected delay from October, Apple releases iTunes 11, featuring a redesigned interface and store, and new iCloud features, among other additions.

December 6: Cook Calls TV “An Area of Intense Interest” For Apple
– During an interview with NBC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook disparages the current TV user experience, calling it 20- to 30-years backwards in time and noting that it’s “an area of intense interest,” public confirmation that Apple was exploring further TV initiatives.

December 12: Apple reportedly testing several TV set designs
– The Wall Street Journal claims Apple is working on a large, high-resolution TV, and that the company has been testing TV prototypes “for a number of years.”
– Rumors persist that Apple has tried but failed to reach agreements with content and cable providers


January 2: Next iPhone, iOS 7 Seen In Logs
– Developers see Apple testing new iPhone, iOS 7.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

January 25: iPad 5, iPhone 5S, Plastic iPhone Leaks
– iLounge reveals details of upcoming thinner iPad, iPhone 5S with upgraded CPU and camera, and less expensive plastic iPhone with slightly larger housing.

January 29: Apple Announces 128GB iPad
– iPad to sell on Feb. 5 for $799/$929, pitched for business.

February 6: 25 Billion Songs Sold On iTunes


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

February 23: Apple Reportedly Working On Smart Watch
– Bloomberg reports a team of 100 is working on a wristwatch-like device with iOS-like functions.
– “iWatch” said to run iOS, suffer from 1-day battery life.
– Rumors suggest the watch may use curved glass.
– Patents show Apple exploring wristbands, batteries.

February 28: iTunes U Hits 1B Content Downloads

March 11: Reports Claim Fingerprint Scanner For Next iPhone
– A report out of China claims the next iPhone will contain a fingerprint sensor; NFC claims are also made.

April 2: New iPhone Production To Start Q2
– WSJ reports Apple will soon begin production on two new iPhones, including an iPhone with a plastic shell.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

May 14: App Store Tops 50B Downloads

May 21: CEO Cook Testifies In Senate On Taxes
– Apple takes heat over claims that the company uses gimmicks to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
– CEO Tim Cook appears in front of a U.S. Senate subcommittee to defend Apple’s tax practices.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

May 30: Apple Offers 16GB iPod touch 5G
– Apple quietly releases a 16GB fifth-generation iPod touch for $229, notably missing the 32/64GB versions’ rear camera and loop wrist strap.
– The fourth-gen iPod touch is discontinued.

June 3: Alleged iPhone Parts Reveal Gold Color
– A leak reveals possible components for a gold iPhone, reportedly the iPhone 5S, though many are skeptical that Apple would release such a device.

June 7: Apple Denies Aiding Government Data Mining
– Government program PRISM is revealed, claims to let National Security Agency collect data from Apple and others.
– Apple outright denies knowledge of the program, quickly works to build customer trust regarding its data practices.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

June 10: WWDC: iOS 7, iTunes Radio Debut
– Apple debuts iOS 7, which features a flatter interface that removes shadowing and many textures from integrated apps.
– iOS 7 features many new icons, transparency and parallax effects, some of which immediately are met with derision.
– The long-rumored streaming music service is demonstrated for iOS 7, and will be ad-free for iTunes Match users.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

June 12: Apple Posts Guidelines For Game Controllers
– For the first time, Apple officially publishes guidelines for making
iOS game controllers; multiple designs are shown.

June 19: 1B TV Shows, 380M Movies Downloaded Via iTunes

July 10: Judge Rules Apple Conspired To Raise e-Book Prices
– A judge ruled Apple conspired to raise e-book prices along with a group of five book publishers. Apple in September is prevented via injunction from entering price-fixing agreements with those publishers, among other penalties.
– Apple and four publishers agreed in 2012 to settle a similar lawsuit in Europe.

July 22: Apple Reportedly Testing Larger iPad, iPhone Screens
– The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is testing smartphone screens larger than 4 inches, and tablets “slightly less than 13 inches.”

July 23: 1B Podcast Subscriptions Announced


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

September 10: Apple Debuts High-End iPhone 5s, Plastic 5c
– Apple’s new iPhone 5s is announced; it goes on sale Sept. 20 in 16GB ($199), 32GB ($299), and 64GB ($399) capacities in Space Gray, silver, and gold. It comes with Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint scanner, as well as an improved iSight camera and fast new 64-bit A7 processor.
– For the first time, Apple debuts a second iPhone at the same time — the plastic-bodied iPhone 5c; it comes in five colors in 16GB ($99) and 32GB ($199) capacities, replacing the just-discontinued iPhone 5. It’s virtually identical to the iPhone 5 except in cosmetics.
– Apple releases its own official cases and docks for the 5c and 5s.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

September 10: Space Gray iPod touch, nano, shuffle Introduced
– Apple quietly adds a Space Gray iPod touch, nano, and shuffle to its lineup, replacing the slate (near-black) models.

September 18: iTunes 11.1 With iTunes Radio Released
– iTunes 11.1 debuts with the long-awaited iTunes Radio, customizable podcast stations, and Genius Shuffle.

September 18: iOS 7 Released To Public
– The release is the biggest change yet to Apple’s mobile operating system, debuting to a polarized reception; 65% reportedly upgrade quickly, while others hold off.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

October 22: Apple Shows iPad Air, Retina iPad mini; iWork/iLife Go Free
– The fifth-generation iPad debuts as iPad Air, losing 1/3 of its prior weight, slimming down, and getting an A7 chip while staying at $499-$929 across 16-128GB models.
– A 7.9”-screened but otherwise near-identical iPad mini with Retina display starts at $399 with the same features and storage capacities; Apple says it’s coming “later in November.”
– All iWork and iLife apps become free with the purchase of new iOS devices, giving every new user access to a suite of office apps and creative tools – all redesigned for iOS 7.

October 28: 382.78 Million iPods, 421.278 Million iPhones, 169.18 Million iPads Sold


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

November 1: Apple Releases iPad Air
– Both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models go on sale internationally.

November 4: iOS Vice President of Engineering Leaves Apple
– Apple loses iOS Vice President of Engineering Henri Lamiraux, who was in charge of developing iOS apps, leading feature implementation, and managing bug-fixing.
– Bugs found in iOS 7 continue to multiply, including a variety of device- and built-in app-crashing bugs that ultimately won’t get fixed until March 2014.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

November 12: Apple Releases iPad mini with Retina display
– Due to manufacturing issues, the Retina iPad mini arrives at stores in very short supply, with the Wi-Fi version appearing more frequently than Cellular models, and certain low capacities arriving more often than higher-capacity versions.
– Despite claims by Apple that the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini were identical save for their sizes, a collection of screen, processor, and battery life differences are found between the models.
– Wi-Fi models only become available to walk-in customers on November 22, with Cellular models remaining all but impossible to get in stores for weeks.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

November 19-20: First Lightning Game Controllers Priced + Dated
– MOGA announces Ace Power, a $99 game controller for iPhones and the iPod touch.
– One day later, Logitech officially announces the PowerShell Controller + Battery, a $100 add-on game controller for the iPhone 5, 5s, and iPod touch 5G.

December 4: Two 12.9-Inch iPads Reportedly In Testing
– Reports suggest that Apple is testing separate “2K” and “4K” resolution versions of a larger iPad, the first roughly comparable to the iPad Air in resolution, the second rivaling 8-Megapixel ultra-high-definition television sets.
– Claims suggest that the “iPad Pro” could debut as a lower-resolution model in April, with the higher-end version in October.

December 6: Apple Installs iBeacons
– All of Apple’s U.S. retail stores roll out iBeacons, wireless low-power Bluetooth transmitters that let Apple Store app users receive in-store notifications as they move around the store.
– The notifications cover orders that are ready for pick-up, iPhone upgrade eligibility, store events, and more.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

December 11: New Channels Flood Apple TV
– Without the need for a software update, the Apple TV continues to receive new “channels”—apps developed by individual TV and online networks, pushed automatically to each device by Apple.
– The ABC television network, Bloomberg, Crackle, and 16 different Korean television channels in KORTV are added in this update; additional updates continue to increase the variety of channels.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

December 13-16: Beyoncé‘s iTunes Exclusive Album
– Recording artist Beyoncé debuts a self-titled, initially iTunes-exclusive album without a hint of advance notice.
– “Beyoncé” sells 828,773 albums worldwide in its first three days, with 617,213 of those albums sold in the U.S., breaking the iTunes first week album sales record.


January 2: Apple Fights NSA Spying Claims
– Following disclosures of a sophisticated NSA spying program targeting electronic communications, including clandestine access to iPhone data, messages, voicemails, address book, microphone, camera, and location without user permission, Apple said it has never worked with the NSA to create any sort of backdoor entry for iPhone monitoring.
– Months later, Apple issues patches to iOS to close security gaps believed to have given the NSA some access without user permission.

January 13: Google Buys Former Apple VP Fadell’s Company, Nest
– In a $3.2-Billion transaction, Google acquires former Apple iPod and iPhone VP Tony Fadell’s smart thermostat and smoke detector startup, Nest.
– Known for having rapidly brought the original iPod from concept to full production, Fadell’s team is apparently tasked with developing new consumer electronics hardware for Google.

January 17: iPhone 5s/5c Comes to China, iPhone 4 To Be Re-Launched In India
– Following years of failed negotiations, Apple strikes a deal with China’s largest carrier, China Mobile, to sell the latest iPhones starting January 17.
– After losing sales and market share to Samsung, Apple plans to re-launch the iPhone 4 in India, Indonesia, and Brazil as a price-competitive option.

January 23: Apple Working On iPhones With Over 4.5”, 5” Screens, Next-Gen Apple TV
– The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple is testing two larger-screened iPhones, one with an over 4.5” screen that’s further along in development, while the other has an over 5” screen and is still in early testing.
– Rumors continue to iterate on the claim for months, with screen sizes claimed at 4.7” to 5.7”, depending on the source.
– A new version of the Apple TV is tipped to add support for downloadable games, notably including Bluetooth controller functionality.
– Subsequent Apple TV reports suggest that Apple is working on versions with built-in router and TV tuner features.

February 3: iWatch Development Focuses On Battery, Health
– Continued hiring of health and biometric hardware experts by Apple leads to speculation that the company is planning to include advanced fitness tracking features in an upcoming iWatch.
– Early reports of an iOS 8 application called Healthbook suggest that Apple will enable iPhones to aggregate data from a variety of different health monitoring devices.
– Battery drain and charging reportedly continue to be issues for iWatch prototypes.

February 7: Lightning Accessory Fees Drop
– Following a disasterous decline in iPod, iPhone, and iPad accessory development, allegedly due to overpriced Lightning connectors and other Apple manufacturing limitations, Apple reportedly drops the price of Lightning connectors to spur renewed development.
– Prices of several Apple-approved game controllers drop $20 each in response to the news, but remain unrealistically priced at $80—more than the controllers for any popular gaming platform.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

March 3: Apple Announces CarPlay, Rebranded In-Car Initiative
– Rebranding “iOS in the Car”—a hands-free iPhone in-car display initiative announced alongside iOS 7 but never shown for use in an actual car—Apple debuted a tweaked version called “CarPlay” alongside three specific vehicles at the Geneva Auto Show.
– CarPlay is said to work first with three late 2014 cars from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo, with BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Mitsubishi, Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Subaru, Suzuki, and Toyota models to follow later.


iHistory: From iPod + iTunes to iPhone, Apple TV + iPad: 2011 to Today

March 10: iOS 7.1 + Apple TV 6.1 Updates Released, iOS 8 Coming in 2014
– Debuted in beta form late in 2013, iOS 7.1 finally became available for public download in March, resolving a number of device-crashing bugs while making user interface tweaks.
– CarPlay support was formally added to iOS 7.1, along with smaller camera, Siri, and Touch ID improvements.
– Two new iPad models are referenced in iOS 7.1, one seemingly an unreleased variation on the iPad Air, the other a variation on the Retina iPad mini.
– Subsequent reports suggest that iOS 8 will debut in beta form later in 2014, featuring public transportation directions and other improvements to the Maps application, fueled by small and quiet Apple acquisitions of various mapping companies, as well as Siri tweaks to control third-party applications.
– Apple TV’s 6.1 software update enables users to hide the increasingly numerous network-specific channels that were added to the device over the past year.

Read the beginning of our iHistory feature article here. We’ll update this article with additional historical details as they continue to develop.

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