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Q: Could you tell me what, if any, improvements/differences there are between the iHome iH5, and iH8 alarm clocks? I’ve looked and can’t find any information on the iH8 on iLounge.

– Will

A: You can find our First Look on the iHome iH8 here. The main differences between this unit and the iH5 system are improved sound quality, better control over the unit’s display brightness, the addition of a basic equalizer, dual-alarm capabilities, and RF-based remote control.

The iH8 is in fact the successor to the iHome iH7 Dual-Alarm Clock (iLounge rating: A-), so many of the differences between the iH7 and iH5 would also apply to the iH8, which is basically a “tweaked” version of the iH7, and our review of the iH7 highlights many of these improvements.


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