iM7 and iPod nano

Q: I am looking at buying the Altec IM7, however I have been given conflicting reports whether or not it will fit the new iPod nano (with video). I have seen the cassette-like iPod dock and wondered if it did fit the new sized nano. Can you please put me right? Does the loading bay accommodate the nano properly?  Is it a good fit, or are there gaps left by the mechanism?

– Daniel

A: The Altec Lansing IM7 was originally designed to hold a full-sized fourth-generation iPod.

Newer full-size iPod models continue to fit reasonably well as the fifth-generation iPod and iPod classic are the same width and height as the fourth-generation iPod, with only the thickness (depth) being different.

From a technical point of view, the 30-pin Dock Connector remains fully compatible with the newer iPod models for audio output, although the video output features of the iM7 are not supported by the 2007 iPod models. The iPod nano will fit into the docking bracket and connect to the Dock Connector, but there will be additional space since there is no dock adapter available for the newest iPod nano.

The IM7 does include an adjustable spacer at the back of the iPod dock, although this doesn’t necessarily adjust all the way to the thinness of the newer iPod nano models. You can however add your own spacer, or alternatively look at simply leaving the iPod in it’s case—the iPod nano can still fit inside the docking bracket with many of the skin-type cases that are available.

Note that many retail stores have display units of the Altec Lansing iM7, so you may want to consider bringing your iPod nano to a store with you and comparing the size for yourself if this is an option.