Importing audiobook CDs as audiobooks

Q: I copied a favorite audiobook CD to my new iPod, but it went into the Music section instead of the Audiobooks section. How do I get audio books on CD to copy into the Audiobooks section.

– Tom

Importing audiobook CDs as audiobooks

A: Although this was possible in previous versions of iTunes, it was a somewhat cumbersome process that involved converting, exporting, renaming and reimporting files. The good news is that iTunes 8 has made this process considerably simpler than it used to be.

When you insert a CD to import into iTunes, rather than choosing to automatically import the CD right away, go to the listing of tracks on the CD. You should be shown this listing automatically, but if it does not appear right away, then simply choose the CD from the Devices listing on the left-hand side of your iTunes window.

While viewing the listing of tracks on the CD, select all of the tracks either by choosing Edit, Select All or pressing CMD+A (Mac) or CTRL+A (Windows). With all of your CD tracks highlighted, choose File, Get Info from the iTunes menu to view/edit the properties of the selected tracks.

From the Multiple Item information dialog box, click the “Options” tab to display the options for the selected tracks.

On the options tab, you will notice a field labelled “Media Kind” which should read “Music” by default. From the drop-down list, simply change this to “Audiobook” as shown above, and then click the OK button.

Once you have done this, import the CD as you normally would, and your tracks should be filed in the Audiobook section.