Importing Calendar and Contacts from Outlook

Q: I read somewhere that on the Extras menu, you can import your contacts from a program like Outlook. Is this true? It would be nice to access my Outlook calendar and contacts through my iPod. Also, if you can import those things, is it easy to sync the information?

– Maggie

Importing Calendar and Contacts from Outlook

A: Yes, the iPod can import calendar and contact information from Outlook on a Windows system, or iCal and Address Book on a Mac.

Like all other iPod synchronization, this is handled by iTunes itself. In iTunes 7, connect your iPod and select it in the left-hand pane and you will be presented with the “Summary” screen. From the tabs that appear at the top, simply select “Contacts” to access the settings to synchronize your contacts and calendar information.

Contacts can be synchronized from Windows Address Book, Outlook Express, or Outlook 2003 or later. Calendars, however, are only supported in Outlook 2003 or later. 

Once transferred, your contact and calendar information can be viewed under the iPod “Extras” menu by selecting “Contacts” or “Calendars” as appropriate. Note that the iPod naturally does not provide the ability to edit or update this information.