Importing CDs on multiple computers

Q: Our school just purchased new iMacs and I would like to import some CD music into iTunes on numerous computers. I believe it is legal to install one song onto five computers if I purchase it from iTunes.

What about CDs? Can I install all the songs from one CD onto five computers?

– Michael

A: While the legal issues of copying music onto multiple computers will vary depending upon where you live, there are no technical restrictions that will prevent you from importing a CD to multiple computers, or even copying the imported tracks between multiple computers.

The restrictions on content purchased from iTunes are enforced via a digital rights management (DRM) system that is applied to standard iTunes tracks.

Note that this does not even apply to “iTunes Plus” tracks, much less to content you import from other sources such as CD. Basically, iTunes does not add any DRM restrictions to tracks that you import yourself, and you can therefore use these tracks without any technical limitations.