Importing music as audiobooks

Q: I’m having trouble adding audiobooks to my iPod classic. I bought several audiobooks off eBay and when I try to add them to my iTunes library they come in under Music. When I listen to music on shuffle mode I end up getting random blurbs from the audiobooks.

Any help would be appreciated.

Importing music as audiobooks

– Richard

A: Any new audio tracks that you import into your iTunes library always default to being categorized as music, however you can change this by editing the track properties after you’ve imported the track. Simply select the track(s) in iTunes and choose File, Get Info from the iTunes menu to open the track properties, and then select the “Options” tab.

From here, you should see a “Media Kind” field that you can use to reclassify the item as a Podcast, iTunes U episode, Audiobook or Voice Memo.

Changing this field to “Audiobook” will make the track appear in the “Books” or “Audiobooks” section in iTunes and on your device. However if you want it to be skipped during shuffled playback, ensure that you also check the Skip when Shuffling option found on the same screen.