Importing photos from iPod Camera Connector


Q: I just went on holiday in New Zealand with the family, and transferred all my Canon IXUS digital still images to a newly purchased 60gb 5G iPod via the Apple Camera Connector, thinking I could upload them to iPhoto via iTunes when I returned. How wrong was I! iTunes doesn’t see the images, even though they are there! Can I get the images to iPhoto or am I just stuck with the images on the iPod only?

Importing photos from iPod Camera Connector

– Les

A: You most certainly can, but you’re right – it’s not automatic, and you’ll need more than just iTunes. You have a few options, depending on how you’d like to operate:

First, make sure iTunes’ “Enable disk use” option is checked.

The easiest way is to simply launch iPhoto when the iPod is connected. At least in Apple’s latest iPhoto 6, the program automatically detects the iPod and its imported photo content, and gives you a camera-style import screen:

Alternatively, you can use Image Capture, and take advantage of its process-on-import features:


Importing photos from iPod Camera Connector

Finally, if you just want the files themselves, (or if you’re on a PC), you can simply access the files by browsing the iPod’s hard disk in the Finder or Windows Explorer: all full-resolution imported images are stored in the “DCIM” folder.

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