Q: Is it possible to create a genre style playlist with multiple genres?  Say I want one that has East Coast Rap, West Coast Rap, and Dirth South. I can’t do “Genre contains ‘Rap’”, because Dirth South genre doesn’t include the word “Rap.” This is just a more simplified version of what I am really trying to do, but I can’t even make this work. Any ideas?

Including multiple genres in one smart playlist

– Justin

A: Of course! This is a basic example of what makes Smart Playlists great. What you’d like to do can be easily done by using multiple conditionals at once in a Smart Playlist. To add a playlist condition after the default first entry, click the “+” button to the right of the Smart Playlist window. Then, you will be able to create a smart playlist like the following:

Including multiple genres in one smart playlist

In this case, make sure you set the playlist to “Match any of the following rules:”, or else your playlist will be empty.


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