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Q: I have a problem with my 6GB iPod Mini, being used with iTunes for Windows. iTunes says that my library has 663 songs totaling 1.92GB, but when I try to sync my iPod, iTunes says that the Mini is full and asks to select specific songs to download. I have no data stored on the iPod mini. On the iPod mini, however, there are playlists that I haven’t created, that aren’t on the iTunes library. Are these playlists retaining multiple copies of each song, using up memory? How can I delete them? Is there something set wrong with the Mini?

– Matt

A: If your iPod mini doesn’t reflect the same playlists as iTunes (especially ones you haven’t yourself created), then there likely exists no direct association between this iPod and your iTunes library. Perhaps you just bought this iPod second-hand, or inadvertently synchronized your iPod with a friend’s library?

The specific reasons for your issue are unclear. Thankfully, however, they are largely irrelevant in solving the problem. The fastest way to get iTunes and the iPod mini properly functioning together is to download the latest iPod Software Updater from this webpage at Apple, and use its “Restore” functionality to wipe the iPod clean, returning it to its out-of-box state. Then, allow iTunes to synchronize with the fresh iPod, as normal.

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