Independent left & right volume controls

Q: I have hearing loss (not from my iPod!). I currently use Shure E3c earbuds, and for the most part, they work great.

However, because one ear hears better than the other, it would be great to have a variable left-right volume control either as an accessory or (someday, sigh) in the iPod.

Have you come across any compact device that could go between my 4G iPod and the earbuds to handle the left and right volume separately?

– Greg

A: It took us quite a lot of Google time, but we found precisely the device you’re looking for: the Sennheiser HZR 62, available here for $30.

Granted, it’s also an extension cable, but it’s as close we think you’re going to get.

Alternatively, there are DJ-oriented headphone sets like this one, or hearing disorder-oriented TV headsets like this one that feature independent volume controls (and a mono switch) built-in.