iOS 7 and supported devices

Q: Do you know whether iOS 7 will be available for the fourth-generation iPod touch? The information on Apple’s iOS 7 page is somewhat unclear on which devices will be supported when it comes out—it shows two “iPod touch” models without saying which ones. If so, do you know if all of the new features will be available on older devices like this?

– Mark

iOS 7 and supported devices

A: The short answer is no. The “iPod touch” shown on Apple’s iOS 7 page represents the fifth-generation iPod touch.

Two models are shown here to differentiate between the original fifth-generation iPod touch released in the fall of 2012 and the more recent stripped-down 16GB model released last spring.

Note that Apple actually discontinued the fourth-generation iPod touch when it released the 16GB fifth-generation model, effectively meaning that as far as Apple is concerned, those are now the only two “current” models of the device being sold, thus eliminating the need for other distinctions.

Note that it does appear that the fifth-generation iPod touch will support all of the features of iOS 7, with the exception of obvious hardware-specific features like making cellular phone calls.


iOS 7 and supported devices

The oldest iOS device models that appear they will still be supported by iOS 7 are the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. As iOS 7 is still in beta at this point, this is of course entirely subject to change between now and when it actually gets released.