iOS 7: Deleting Messages individually

Q: Has Apple taken away the ability to delete text messages individually in the Messages app? There used to be an “Edit” button in the top corner for this, but after I updated to iOS 7 I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Is there some other way to do this? I really don’t want to erase an entire conversation just to remove a few sensitive messages.

iOS 7: Deleting Messages individually

– Zach

A: The feature is actually still there in iOS 7, but Apple has removed the “Edit” button and hidden this away in a pop-up menu instead.

Simply tap and hold on any of the individual message bubbles when in conversation view and a pop-up menu will appear.

Tapping “More” from here will present the somewhat familiar interface with selection boxes beside each bubble and buttons at the bottom for deleting or forwarding the selected messages, and a “Delete All” button at the top to clear out the entire conversation. The message you tap and hold on is also automatically selected when you do this, making the process even quicker if you’re only looking to delete a single entry.