Soon after Apple debuted the completely redesigned iOS 7 on June 10, 2013, it became obvious that the iOS user experience has changed enough to merit a public re-introduction—a forward-looking discussion of the updated user interface and integrated apps. Our series on iOS 7 looks at every key section of Apple’s new operating system, starting with setting up iOS devices, the new Lock Screen and Home Screen, then continuing through other major UI elements and built-in apps. For a broad look at all of iOS 7’s changes from iOS 6, check out our big picture look at iOS 7, published on June 10, as well as our articles on iOS 7 setup, the Home Screen, and Lock Screen. Note that some features and graphics may change before iOS 7’s final release.

Nike + iPod

Absent in the first showing of iOS 7, but back in the second beta, is Nike + iPod, a run- and walk-tracking app that can be toggled on and off in the Settings menus of iPhones and iPod touches. Like many of Apple’s redesigned apps, it’s the look, and not how it works, that’s the big difference here. The generations of the app seem to have the exact same capabilities.


You’re still able to separately calibrate a Nike+ Sensor for tracking walking and running, assuming you want the enhanced accuracy of Nike’s shoe-based tracking accessory. Settings menus have received iOS 7-style fonts and dial controls.

Photo Booth

Solely included with iPads, Photo Booth is a holdover from the Mac OS X operating system—a cute app primarily designed to let kids play with the iPad’s cameras using filter effects. The iOS 7 version of Photo Booth is substantially the same as its predecessor version, with the same eight realtime filters displaying alongside “Normal” on a 3×3 grid; only the fonts and borders around the live images have changed.


Apple has tweaked the snapshot-grabbing UI to resemble the iOS 7 Camera interface, but otherwise left the functionality unchanged.


What’s missing?


Predictably, Apple has nixed Photo Booth’s prior red curtain introduction, which for years served as a quick visual reference to classic photo booths. The app now appears with no more ceremony than other integrated iOS apps.

Voice Memos


Also missing from the first beta release of iOS 7, Apple’s Voice Memos is now back for the iPhone and iPod touch. Functionally, it’s very much the same, although the aesthetics are considerably different. Gone is the old-fashioned microphone that previously filled the screen; when recording with iOS 7, you’ll now see a waveform of your voice presented in real time. Audio clips can still be trimmed, and can be shared via AirDrop, Messages, or Mail. Interestingly, the waveform icon displays a shimmering moire effect when you hold down any icon to delete or rearrange apps within iOS 7’s Home Screens.

More Information

For more information on iOS 7, check out big picture iOS 7 guide, and other articles in this series, including iOS 7: First Time Set-Up or Upgrading From iOS 6.