iPad and iTunes sync options


Q: I’m not as tech savvy as some of your readers, so my question may have been answered in the “tethered phone” discussion (which I did not quite understand). Anyways, can I use the iPad as my main iTunes hub, in which I update my iPhone’s music, etc. from the iPad?

– Travis

A: The short answer is no. In terms of media management, the iPad will work more like an iPod or iPhone, meaning that you will synchronize your content to it from an iTunes library on a Mac or PC. Like the iPhone and iPod touch, there will also be an iTunes Store application that you can use to purchase music and other media content directly on your device, but any other content will need to be loaded on via iTunes. Essentially, the iPad will have a nicer iTunes Store and iPod application, but the functionality with iTunes on the desktop will remain much the same as it is for Apple’s other media devices.

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