iPad and Remote Desktop control apps

Q: Will the iPad have app capabilities of doing RDP or remote control of Mac OS computers? I think it would be cool to be able to remote control my Mac Mini from this device or even other Windows based PCs with an RDP app.

– Woodstok

A: Although it seems extremely unlikely that the iPad will have any RDP capabilities built in, there are already several third-party RDP and VNC apps available for the iPhone that should work fine on the iPad already.

Simply searching the App Store for “RDP” or “VNC” should turn up a number of options. iTeleport (formerly JaaduVNC) is a good choice for a VNC client, and RealVNC has also recently released their own official VNC Viewer app as well.

Another remote control app that is worth a look if you regularly plan on doing remote access while away from home is LogMeIn Ignition, which uses the LogMeIn service to proxy remote control requests back to your computers. Several RDP apps for controlling Windows PCs can also be found on the App Store.