iPad cases for Apple Keyboard, removable keyboards

Q: I ‘m wondering if there is an iPad 2 case that can fit the Apple Wireless Keyboard so that I can use the case with or without the keyboard, depending on my needs. I know there are many cases with built-in keyboards but I have not seen any with a removable keyboard and I already own the Apple Keyboard. Thanks in advance.

– Adrian

A: Possibly due to the size difference between the two devices, nobody has yet designed a case that holds both the Apple Wireless Keyboard and an iPad. The closest option available in this regard would be the Incase Origami Workstation, which is designed to hold the Apple Wireless Keyboard by itself while also providing a stand compatible with any iPad model.

iPad cases for Apple Keyboard, removable keyboards 2

With the Origami Workstation, you would basically still need to keep the iPad in its own case separately from the keyboard, although several manufacturers do provide sleeve and bag solutions that can be used to carry both together; the Incase Travel Kit Plus for iPad provides one of the more portable sleeve solutions, and of course any number of larger messenger and laptop bags will work for this purpose as well.


iPad cases for Apple Keyboard, removable keyboards 3

Note that there are iPad case solutions with integrated, removable keyboards, however. One great option in this regard is the Adonit Writer 2 Plus which provides an integrated, built-in keyboard that can be early removed and used separately from the case via Bluetooth. The keyboard is naturally a bit smaller than the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but among iPad case keyboards is one of the best ones we’ve seen in terms of key spacing and typing comfort.


iPad cases for Apple Keyboard, removable keyboards 4