iPhone background audio recording


Q: Do you know of any iPod touch or iPhone app that allows you to record any sound playing inside the iPod or iPhone? I used a lot of those fun music apps on my iPod touch and many of them do not record out or save to disk, so I was hoping to find a recording app I could simply fire up in the background and record whatever sounds I was making from another music application.

– Damon

A: Unfortunately, since Apple does not allow background applications on the iPhone or iPod touch, such a recording app is not even possible at this time. Further, although the built-in Voice Memos application in iPhone OS 3.0 runs in the background while recording, it will stop recording whenever another application attempts to output audio through the speaker or headphones.

About the only way you’re going to find a recording app that will run in the background at this point is by jailbreaking your iPhone and looking to unofficial apps from the jailbreak community.


Jesse Hollington

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