iPhone Recent Calls list and location info

Q: On many iPhone OS 3.0 feature lists and screenshots, a feature is touted that will display geographic info in your call list under numbers who are not in your contact list, like city/town, etc. On my iPhone 3G I’ve used 3.0 beta, gold master and official release, and the 3.0
official release on the iPhone 3GS, and this feature does not work, and there are no settings for it. I’m in the UK, on O2, so am I right in assuming this is a US/AT&T only feature?

– Mark

A: That’s essentially correct.

The feature actually works in both the U.S. and Canada, although the information displayed for Canadian numbers is confined to listing the province only, rather than the specific city. Outside of North America the information appears to simply not be available at all.

The feature is actually based on a database stored on the iPhone itself that matches phone number information to geographic location. As with most files on the iPhone, this database is not user-accessible, although you can access it if you have jailbroken your iPhone. The database is in an SQLite format and if you can access it you can add your own entries.