iPhone sleep timer

Q: Is there a “Sleep Timer” on the iPhone like there is for the normal iPod?  I can’t seem to find anything under the iPod settings…

– Lianne

iPhone sleep timer

A: On the iPod, the Sleep Timer is actually found under Extras, Clocks, and therefore it has been placed similarly on the iPhone.  Although perhaps less intuitive, you can find the Sleep Timer feature under the iPhone’s Clock application. 

Select Clock, and then Timer from the list of options at the bottom. You can then set the length of time you would like the iPhone to play, and then tap When Timer Ends and choose Sleep iPod from the list of available alarm/ringtone sounds, and tap the “Set” button:

Once you’ve done this, tap “Start” to start the actual countdown timer.

You can set the timer either while you’re already playing a track, or you can set the timer first and then go to the iPod application and start playing a track.

Unfortunately, unlike the iPod, the iPhone does not provide any visual feedback on the “Now Playing” screen to let you know that a sleep timer has been set.  If you want to keep track of how much time is remaining, you will simply need to return to the “Clock” application to display the countdown timer.

There is also a small oddity that we have noted in the v1.0.2 firmware: If you exit the clock application and return to it, the When Timer Ends will show an alarm sound such as “Marimba” instead of the “Sleep iPod” option.  The good news is that this is visual only and does not affect the behavior of the running timer, in fact even if you manually change this setting to something else, the “Sleep iPod” behavior will still be executed when the timer reaches zero.  Further, the reverse is also true: You cannot change an existing alarm-based countdown timer to “Sleep iPod” instead.  In short, if you want to set the sleep timer, always ensure that you stop the timer, change the setting, and then restart the timer.