iPhone Users, Expect Tweaked Accessories

Back in early June, we posted an editorial to let early iPhone adopters know that they needed to be prepared for some early accessory disappointments: electronic and case issues were, we mentioned, quite likely, and “the smart way to ensure a good add-on experience with the iPhone will be to wait until the dust settles, rather than rushing to try whatever you find online.” Not surprisingly, people decided to buy protective and other accessories anyway, and consequently, we’ve seen more than a few unhappy readers over the last month, telling us about the several cases they’ve gone through in a quest for something good.

Now there’s another trend we wanted to let you know about: iPhone accessory “revving.” Whether you purchased your accessory from a merchant online, or bought it at an AT&T or Apple Store, there’s a possibility that the initial version is being changed at least a little. Some of the updated accessories are being offered as replacements at no extra charge to interested customers; others are not. Here’s a brief list of the updates we’ve heard about.

Case-Mate has improved the belt clip for its Signature Leather Case for iPhone and has not yet announced its replacement policy for prior customers.

Contour Design has updated the belt clip for its iSee case for iPhone and is willing to provide the improved clip to prior customers.

Marware has developed a slightly improved version of its SportGrip for iPhone, however, the tweaks are tiny and did not significantly impact the quality of the original version.

NLU Products and ShieldZone have improved the edge/corner covers for their BodyGuardz and InvisibleShield Full Body Guards for the iPhone and are willing to provide updated versions to prior customers.

v-moda is working on an updated version of its Vibe Duo headset for iPhone that will include an in-line button to let you accept or end phone calls, play and pause music, or skip tracks. It will not provide an updated version to past customers.

Other products, particularly cases, but also including old iPod accessories, are reportedly also being updated with tweaks to improve their iPhone fit and compatibility. We will gladly post updates to keep you informed of these changes as we hear about them, and though we’ve attempted as best we can to note changes within our reviews, as mentioned in our September 2005 reader advisory on revving, we are not doing full re-reviews, nor can anyone necessarily keep up with all of the changes companies continue to make quietly or publicly to their products.