iPod Adventures in the Middle East: Part I

iPod Adventures in the Middle East: Part I 1

By T-Slice

Well after about a week my ‘Big Boy’ 30GB iPod has arrived. I have wanted an iPod ever since I heard of the plans to make it. Now with a decent job locked down I made the move and secured the best purchase of my life. I am currently working in Amman Jordan as a contractor for the U.S. Army getting ready to move into Iraq. I am also an avid visitor of the iLounge website and when I was approached with the offer of doing an article about iPod in both Jordan and Iraq, I jumped at the chance.


‘T-Slice’ posing with his new iPod 30GB. There are two A1 Abrams tanks
and a Bradley fighting vehicle in the background to the left.

I have just returned to Jordan from a week in the states after buying my new iPod. The work site is in the middle of nowhere. I look to my left and I see sand, I look to my right and I see sand, I look back

  1. Great article T-Slice. Looking foward to Part II. Sorry “noname” had to comment off topic with his brainwashed views. It’s really not his fault.

    “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”

  2. I see from the articles at the top of the page that the iPod can withstand very hot temps but i was wondering how high in the air can you take it? the instructions to my 15 gig said that you cannot play it above 10,000 ft. is that true, cause i want to take it on a jet with me but i dont want to screw it up. It should be fine though shouldnt it because the cabin is presurized and stuff right? has anyone else taken it on a jet with them?

  3. have you people located in the middle east run into any mac shops? from my experience in non-western countries, most everyone uses PCs because of how easily and cheaply they can be “built”…

    also, has any firm come out with an iPod carrying case built for joggers? i’m thinking of, essentially, a glove that secures an iPod in the palm of your hand. this would be very convenient as it sucks running with it strapped to your shorts, but it also sucks having to hold on to it tightly when your hands are sweaty and you’re sprinting…


  4. hey deathwolf,

    check out this site:


  5. Fadman

    He’s asking if any of us took it over 10,000 feet and what happened with the iPod. U dont have to insult him.


    I’ve never taken it on a flight with me yet, but in a few weeks i’ll be travelling, we’ll c wat happens….

  6. JL

    I rocked my Ipod at over 20,000 feet going to Amman Jordan from the U.S. and had no problems.

    And Fadman,

    What country do you come from? Being so “smart” and all.

    Just wondering.

  7. *phew* t-slice u just saved me a lot of trouble of worrying about breaking my iPod when flying. It’d be logical for them to work at those heights cause i mean, lots of people listen to music while flying…

  8. Anytime.

    It is a life saver on a long flight. My total combined flights to jordan added up to just over 12 hours of flight time and thats not counting my layovers. Plus the Flight Attendants dig the iPod also. One flight attendant was thinking about buying one and after using mine for a little bit she made a decision to deffinately buy one. I pointed her to the iPodlounge, so maybe she will visit.


  9. I can absolutely testify that an iPod will NOT survive submersion in fresh water…I was boarding a sailboat for a long distance race (30 hours + or -) where music is an absolute necessity with my 1 week old 30GB iPod, and sure enough, the rule about electronics and their irresistable attraction to bodies of water held true. Kerplunk! straight into 9 feet of fresh water.

    I stripped off, unwilling to let 500$ and my favorite white and silver friend slip away, and plunged into the 58 degree water. I had to come up for air about ten times before I finally located my buddy under 2 feet of silt, all by touch. I brought him up and shook him out, blowing through the jack holes, removed the port cover and blew through there, then left him outside in mild sunshine for 4 days, bringing him in at night. The good news is that I could get the apple logo to show up, but nothing else would boot up. It was enough for the apple folks to warranty me a new one. Thank god for apple service!

    I am bringing him on my next race on the 19th, but this time I have drilled a hole in the carrying case and tied a lanyard that will be clipped at all times to my belt.


  10. Do we really have to get the weapons in there? My god…

    It’s not political, it’s just showing the US Military might which was used against Iraq, right?

    Now that after thousands are dead and the Iraqi Government has been overthrown… Does anyone on either side feel any safer? I think not.

    “There is one single purpose of this War… To disarm Iraq and ensure that Americans can be safe again” — Colin Powell.

  11. sigh…. i have a favor to ask everyone who reads this article and the comments here…. can u stop posting political comments? this isnt a political site to start off with. If u dont like the pictures or articles then just shutup and leave the site. This is supposed to be about t-slice’s experience in the Middle East with his iPod. Not the American might or the war. so can everyone please chill about the war and weapons and start telling us about their iPods? 😛

  12. Patrick,

    I can’t beleive Lebanon has a Mac store. I was there for 2 day visit from Cyprus and thought it was pretty musch trying to struggle back from civil war. This was few years ago.

    But I guess they are moving forward.

    What kind of work takes you there?

  13. I’m a student. I’ll be going to university there. Lebanon is more advanced then some people think. There are some parts of Lebanon that arent advancing really well and still need time, but other parts are advancing fast. The Mac store in Lebanon isnt really big, but its pretty cool. There’s also a Mac repair shop in Kuwait for people who have Apple computers or products that need repair, only problem is its pretty expensive and is aimed mainly at the businesses here who use Apple computers (thats my theory)

  14. OK! Listen up. I submitted my pictures to iPod lounge WITHOUT CAPTIONS!!!!! The webmaster put the captions on the pictures thinking they were U.S. Army Tanks. They are not! They are actually Jordanian personel carriers and a anti aircraft tank. If any one kept up with current events they would know that there was NO AMERICAN ARMOR UNITS stationed in Jordan. So…..These are not American Tanks…..These pictures are not showing the “MIGHTY US ARMY WAR MACHINE OUT TO KILL INNOCENT PEOPLE” They are simply Jordanian army units placed on their border to protect them from a tyrant who has no reguard for human life. Remember Kuwait? The Jordanians sure do! And they are not going to let that happen to them. Not one of my pictures showed American Equipment. They were captions placed there by misinformation. Now I suggest that you either read up on your current and pollitical events or just please shut up! It’s getting old. Take your comments to CNN and leave this site to stories about iPod.

    Oh and by the way…..While I am out here in the 130 degree heat packaging, loading and sending Food Supplies, Medical Supplies and Aid to the people in Iraq……What the hell are you doing to help them? Really….what are you doing? Sitting at your computer and bitching doesn’t do the people of Iraq any great justice. If you really want to help get your ass over here and pitch in.

  15. that’s some pretty shoddy journalism on behalf of whoever posted the captions to your pictures to assume that those two blips in the left hand corner of the upper-most picture were in fact ” two A1 Abrams tanks and a Bradley fighting vehicle.” They could have just as easily been two tents and a freakin’ lorry. chalk one up for ipodlounge.

  16. T-slice. I will be unemployed in Sept (my company closing in CA and moving to NC. How did you get involved in your line of work. I’d love to be there helping you out and come Sept I have no problem signing up!

  17. I don’t blame iPod lounge for purposely writing those captions I just believe that they were mistaken. I didn’t think it was going to raise this much hell, thats why I just left it as it was. But as you see that clearly wasn’t the case.

    Sorry iPodlounge, I should have submitted the captions also. I will next time.

  18. we all appreciate (well I do at least) what youre doing there t-slice. Just keep up the good work and keep us updated with info on your iPod :D!

  19. Can you believe that you guys are actuallly listening to some guy who is so ashamed to give a name tht he puts noname. Well anyways, I love the pictures it gives you a different perspective. I hope you got that iPod filled because it looks like thesers nothing to do there. BTW I love old Skool rap.

  20. Andrewinla,

    No Problem,

    Send me an E-Mail to [email]tbrown686@hotmail.com[/email] and I will send you all the info I have.

    Sorry to hear about your job. Hopefully we can get you on board here.

  21. “When your sitting there and you get a song running through your head……it’s probably on your iPod or soon will be:). ”

    Im guessing you download those “songs running through your head” music t-slice? I doubt they’re music stores holding western music in the iraq region.

  22. You would be surprised how many western cd’s I have picked up in this region. But When I am home I am a part time mobile DJ so I have a lot of tunes that I have copied from my vinyl and cd’s. Don’t have a real good internet connection here to download.

  23. hi, I just read all of that and I think that noname should shut his trap because the american government is doing alot for Iraq and for the middle-east. If you want to talk about your political views then go somewhere else.

  24. A lot of the people here buy/listen/download western music. But thats different from Iraq I would believe. We have a lot of cd stores here like Virgin and stuff. I usually just order my stuff off Amazon or something. The Middle East isnt as bad as it seems…

  25. u should see some of the other places t-slice. sometime whenever u get a break u should come by Kuwait or Dubai. Especially Dubai. Lebanon has a lot of cool stuff too, but it still needs some fixing up. And supposedly the best place to live in the Middle East is Bahrain.

  26. Nas “Memory Lane”, I love that song. I also like that whole CD. Illmatic was a classic. “It aint hard to tell” and “Lifes a *****” are also great songs.
    Hope your enjoying yourself!

  27. Nas “Memory Lane”, I love that song. I also like that whole CD. Illmatic was a classic. “It aint hard to tell” and “Lifes a *****” are also great songs.
    Hope your enjoying yourself!

  28. In reference to the question re: copying songs from one ipod to another… I have found one situation in which I was successful. There are however conditions…
    You must have a WINPOD and access to a PC with NERO burner.
    -Open the winpod in NERO Burner
    -Grab all the Music folders and pull them to the hard drive in one folder
    -Do a find for all the music files in the main folder
    -Move all the music files to One folder
    -Connect the other winpod and add the songs.

    Im sure there is a better way than these Neanderthal antics, but thats all I ve got at the moment.

  29. I left my iPod in a P.A (public address) for about 5 hours, and it got extremely hot… when i took it out, there was a horizontal line that didnt dissappear even when contrast was changed… it went away after a day…

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