iPod Adventures in the Middle East: Part I

By T-Slice

Well after about a week my ‘Big Boy’ 30GB iPod has arrived. I have wanted an iPod ever since I heard of the plans to make it. Now with a decent job locked down I made the move and secured the best purchase of my life. I am currently working in Amman Jordan as a contractor for the U.S. Army getting ready to move into Iraq. I am also an avid visitor of the iLounge website and when I was approached with the offer of doing an article about iPod in both Jordan and Iraq, I jumped at the chance.


‘T-Slice’ posing with his new iPod 30GB. There are two A1 Abrams tanks
and a Bradley fighting vehicle in the background to the left.

I have just returned to Jordan from a week in the states after buying my new iPod. The work site is in the middle of nowhere. I look to my left and I see sand, I look to my right and I see sand, I look back

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