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Q: Will the charge/sync cable for a third-generation iPod nano work to charge a first-generation iPod touch? I have an iPod touch that has been dead for some time and at the moment will not charge with the iPod nano cable and AC adapter plug. It also won’t charge when plugged into a computer. I have been told that I must use the cable specific to the model, but that sounds completely off-the-wall to me. I’m trying to get the iPod touch charged for a friend who lost their original cable. They don’t want to buy a new one right now so we’re working with what we have.

– Paul

A: Every iPod USB to Dock Connector cable released since the Dock Connector debuted with the third-generation iPod in 2003 has basically been identical in terms of the internal electronics. Even the USB to Dock Connector cable that came with the original third-generation click-wheel iPod will still work with the iPhone 4.

If the iPod touch is not charging at all, and you’ve confirmed that the USB to Dock Connector cable is working fine with other iPod models, then chances are that the iPod touch itself is no longer able to hold a charge. Note that if the iPod touch has not been used in some time, it’s entirely possible that you may need to leave it plugged in for 15-30 minutes before it actually wakes up, but if you’ve left it for several hours and you’re still not seeing any response at all, chances are that the iPod touch is simply dead.

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