iPod classic microphone compatibility

Q: In your review of the SwitchEasy ThumbTacks Micro-Microphone you mention that it works with the iPod classic 120GB, but I am wondering about compatibility with the current 160GB iPod classic. The one I have was purchased in July 2010.

– Jai

A: The short answer is yes, the microphone will be compatible with the latest iPod classic as well. The review in question was written in early 2009, at which time the 120GB iPod classic was the current model.

However, other than a change in hard drive capacity, the fall 2009 160GB iPod classic is identical to the fall 2008 120GB model.

Further, since this particular microphone simply connects to the iPod headphone jack, it will also work with any of the more recent iPod nano and iPod touch models which all provide line-in recording capabilities via the headphone jack.