iPod Games on 5G and classic

Q: Are there any plans from Apple to make the old games that are only compatible with the 5G iPod compatible with the new iPod classic? I have a new 80 GB classic and would like to be able to play some of the older games.

– Shannon

A: Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t generally make any announcements in terms of future plans, so it’s impossible to say for certain what their plans are in regards to the iPod Games.

However, some of the older games do appear to be getting gradually updated and re-released for the new iPod models. The downside, unfortunately, is that you will have to repurchase these games in order to obtain them for the new 2007 iPod models, even if you had already purchased them for the fifth-generation iPod.

Note that the newer games are compatible with the 5G iPod and the iPod classic and iPod nano. However, there are not at this point any games officially available for the iPhone or iPod touch.