iPod lyrics display

Q: I have a 160GB iPod classic. When I am playng a music track on the iPod and I click through to the lyrics option there are 3 choices – Off, Songs & Albums. If I click on Songs I get the lyrics that were added in iTunes.

How can I add notes to the Albums tab (eg production notes, etc)? There is no option that I can see in iTunes to do that. Also if I click the Off option I suppose that I will disable the lyrics option entirely – how would I restore the lyrics option in the iPod later on?

– Martin

A: Actually, the options you are looking at have nothing to do with the lyrics on the iPod, but are actually used to control the Shuffle modes, providing more convenient access to change your Shuffle settings on-the-fly without having to go back to the main menu and visit the Settings section. In this case, the options for Off/Songs/Albums refer to the three shuffled playback modes which can also be configured under the Settings section from the main menu.

Continuing past this screen takes you to the lyrics simply because that is the next screen in order. Unfortunately, there is no way to store album-specific information in iTunes or on the iPod itself. The comment section could be used in iTunes, although that is still set on a per-track rather than per-album basis, and this information is not available for viewing on the iPod.