Q: I’m looking for a speaker system for the fifth-generation iPod nano and am having a hard time as none of the ones I’m looking at mention that they are compatible with this model of iPod. Has nobody actually released any speakers for the new iPod nano yet?

– Gaylynn

A: Actually, any speaker system made for the fourth-generation iPod nano will technically work fine with the fifth-generation model, subject to the ability of the 5G nano to physically fit into the Dock Connector, since the position of the Dock Connector and headphone port have been reversed from the fourth-generation iPod nano. However, this should not be a problem with the majority of speakers available today, as most use the Universal Dock connector so you can simply use the insert that came with the 5G iPod nano, or connect the nano without any insert at all if required.

Generally you won’t find a lot of speakers specifically labelled as 5G iPod nano compatible at this point simply because the majority of the existing speakers for the 4G nano continue to work just fine and most manufacturers will not have updated their packaging yet simply to specify compatibility with the newer iPod models.



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