iPod nano accessory compatibility

Q: I have reading your reviews on the iPod transmitters and there is a lot of good information on your site, I am impressed!  I am looking for the best clarity from an FM transmitter, and in fact returned the iTrip because it was never clear and had no treble transmissions. I saw that the Kensington Digital FM Transmitter is rated about the highest and I would love to get one. However, I have a first generation 4GB nano that isn’t listed under compatibilities, although I saw that the nano 1GB and 2GB models are compatible with it on another site. I wasn’t sure if that was strictly the only options or if it will work with mine also.

If you could please let me know if this unit will work with my 1G 4GB iPod nano, that would be great. Thanks a lot, keep up the awesome, in-depth reviews.

– Jeff

A: The Kensington Digital FM Transmitter remains an excellent choice for overall quality of devices in its class. From a compatibility point of view, it is definitely compatible with all models of 5G iPod and iPod nano, providing you are running a recent firmware version.

As a rule, an accessory for any specific generation of iPod will be compatible with all of the different devices in that generation. Therefore, anything that works with a 2GB 1G Nano will also work with the 4GB 1G Nano. The same also applies, of course, to the 30GB and 80GB fifth-generation iPod.

In fact, most accessories designed for the first-generation iPod nano will also work with the second generation models, with the only issue being one of actual physical compatibility.