iPod nano and ROKR: The iPod Economy Reacts

As with every major iPod introduction, iLounge has polled leading iPod accessory manufacturers for their opinions on the newly introduced Apple hardware, and this time, Motorola’s ROKR E1 iTunes Phone as well.

iPod nano

Q: What’s your general reaction to the new iPod nano?


John Grzeskowiak of RadTech
I really like it, but do miss the inclusion of a clip case.

Ryan Arter of MacResQ.com
It’s great, and very cool.  The smaller the better!  If Apple can just make them waterproof now…

Ron DeCamp, Belkin
We’re very excited about the new Apple iPod nano. Building in a color screen and photo capabilities was ingenious and moving to a flash-based architecture not only increases the product’s durability but also extends the battery life.

It typifies Apple’s unique ability to push the limits of innovation.

Laurent Bui, Pacific Rim Technologies
We think this a great new iPod that will become an instant classic. This will indeniably help maintain the iPod economy and indirectly our growth. Still today, for every MP3 player sold there are two CD players sold: time to convert these people!

Bjorn Spilling, ProClip
“Looks much nicer than the iPod Mini.”

Michael Lowdermilk, FastMac
Fantastic product.

Extremely well designed. It’s amazing how Apple engineers can make the impossible possible.

Wells Brimhall, Logitech
The new iPod Nano will certainly be a great addition to the iPod line-up. It combines several new features at an incredibly attractive price.  We’re excited that all of Logitech’s existing iPod and mobile music products work with the iPod Nano.