iPod not automatically disconnecting

Q: After my iPod syncs to my iTunes software, the iTunes display says the that iPod is finished updating, but the display on my iPod continues to flash the “Do not Disconnect” warning. What do I do?

– Mike

A: For a quick fix, simply press the “Eject” icon either in the bottom right hand corner of iTunes, or next to your iPod in the “Source” column. This will eject your iPod immediately, although the ultimate behavior won’t change for next time.

To set up the iPod to eject automatically, slightly more discussion is required: with iTunes, an iPod will only be immediately “ejected” (or, more accurately, “unmounted”) from the computer after a sync if “Disc Use” is disabled in iTunes’ Preferences. This option is what enables your iPod to appear in Windows Explorer or the Mac’s Finder, allowing it to be used as a hard drive for data storage.

To disable the “Enable Disc Use” setting, you must connect your iPod, open iTunes’ Preferences, and under the “iPod” tab, deselect the appropriate checkbox.

To do so, “Manually manage songs and playlists” cannot be your synchronization method. With this option unchecked, your iPod will immediately disconnect itself each time a synchronization finishes.