iPod screen staying on when docked

Q: I have recently updated my 160GB iPod classic to v1.0.3, and notice that the screen now stays on indefinetely when docked on my Apple iPod Hi Fi. This was not so before and I’m finding it rather irritating.

– Nino

iPod screen staying on when docked

A: Actually, this is a feature rather than a bug, and is fortunately user-configurable.

The v1.0.3 firmware update adds proper support for the iPod Hi-Fi back to the 2007 iPod models. This was a feature that has been available on the fifth-generation iPod and older iPod nano models since the release of the iPod Hi-Fi, and was conspicuously absent on the latest iPod models.

As of v1.0.3, you should now see a “Speakers” menu that appears when you connect your iPod to the iPod Hi-Fi.

Within this menu, you will find options for tone control and backlight settings:


iPod screen staying on when docked

The backlight option has four possible settings: Always On (which is the default), While Playing, On Keypress, or Always Off. These options are relatively self-explanatory, although the “Always Off” option deserves an additional comment: As the name implies, this will turn the backlight off permanently whenever the iPod is connected to the iPod Hi-Fi. Unfortunately, this may make it difficult to see the menu when the iPod is connected to the iPod Hi-Fi, and since the “Speakers” menu disappears when the iPod is disconnected from the iPod Hi-Fi, it is difficult to see this option in order to navigate back to the “Speakers” menu and change it back.