iPod shuffle 2G/3G accessory compatibility


Q: Can the short dongle pack-in for the 3G iPod shuffle be used with the second-generation model? I’ve been planning to get one of the 3rd-party cords that have been released for the 2G shuffle due to the fact I’ve never liked the included dock. Thanks!

– Joshua

A: Unfortunately, no. The headphone connector on the second-generation iPod shuffle is not compatible with the 3G shuffle, likely due to the need to support additional remote control features. This means that not only will the 3G cables not work with the 2G iPod shuffle, but any other charging and sync accessories made for the 2G iPod shuffle will not work with the 3G model.

The good news, however, is that third-party manufacturers have already thought of this style of accessory, and you can find some options that were specifically designed for the 2G iPod shuffle. Check out the Carrot Idea USB Flexible Dock for 2nd Generation iPod shuffleiLounge rating: B- for a very design, or the Incipio IncipioBud USB Adapter for iPod shuffle (2G) iLounge rating: B for another simple USB docking concept.


Jesse Hollington

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