iPod shuffle dock adapters

Q: Is there any dock out there that can also handle the shuffle? We have shuffles (2G and 4G), iPhone 4, iPod 5G, and nano 6G. I’d love to have just one dock that I can hook up to my stereo that will handle them all.

– Toby

A: While there are no docks that support both Dock Connector based iPods and the iPod shuffle, there were adapters available for the second-generation iPod shuffle such as the Griffin Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle that allow you to connect a second-generation iPod shuffle into a 30-pin Universal Dock connector slot. Unfortunately, this product was discontinued with the release of the third-generation iPod shuffle and there are not any solutions available for the fourth-generation iPod shuffle.

That said, the Griffin Dock Adapter may still be available through other third-party sources such as eBay.