iPod touch accessibility settings

Q: I have an 8GB iPod touch and have recently updated my software on it. The new version is 3.1.1. I want to know how I can have themes installed on it. Even on the Apple site I see a new black theme which we can access by going to the Accessibility section under settings.

However, I am not able to see any such option.

– Rajan

A: In its standard configuration the iPod touch does not have any type of customizable theme support beyond reorganizing the icons on your home screens. The accessibility option provides a slightly different look intended to aid readability for the visually impaired, and is not a “theme” per se. That said, only the iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod touch models (32GB/64GB) presently support any of the accessibility features.

The 8GB iPod touch currently being sold by Apple is last year’s second-generation iPod touch that has simply not been discontinued.

The only way to set up additional themes for the iPhone or iPod touch at this point is to jailbreak your device and install a third-party software replacement for the default “Springboard” home screen app. Several developers in the jailbreak community have written replacement applications that provide enhanced theme support, however by jailbreaking your device you are essentially using it outside of Apple’s normal terms and conditions and will be in an unsupported configuration. Applications for jailbroken devices are not tested or supported by Apple in any way, and many of the background applications that extend or replace Apple’s own built-in applications may have an impact on the stability or battery life of your device.