iPod touch accessory compatibility

Q: I have recently purchased an iPod touch after trading in my old fifth-generation iPod video. I have a recorder and the radio remote. Will they work with my new iPod touch?

– Javed

A: With the notable exception of video cables, most fifth-generation iPod accessories will work with the newer traditional iPod models such as the iPod classic and iPod nano. Unfortunately, however, these accessories are not compatible with the iPod touch.

The FM Radio Remote will not function at all, since the radio portion requires software on the device itself which is simply not present on the iPod touch, and the remote portion is disabled by the iPod touch as soon as it detects an incompatible accessory. The same applies to Dock Connector iPod voice recording accessories.

Note, however, that if you have purchased a second-generation iPod touch, you can connect a compatible mic-equipped headset to the normal headphone port to make use of recording functionality. Any of the mic-equipped headsets for the iPhone will also work with the 2G iPod touch. The touch itself does not include any built-in voice recording applications, but a number of options are available on the iTunes App Store for voice recording, including Griffin’s free iTalk voice recording application.

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