Q: The Facebook app on my iPod touch announced it was not supported anymore and I had to download the new version. When I try the new Facebook download at the App Store it says that I need the iPhone 3.0 update. Can I get this? What went wrong?

iPod touch and apps requiring OS 3.x

– Scott

A: Many of the new applications on the App Store now require iPhone OS 3.0 as a minimum, with some having even higher requirements. While this is not a huge issue for iPhone owners as they should be running the latest OS anyway, iPod touch users are in a different situation as the iPhone OS 3.x update is a paid upgrade.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this, as this is not an arbitrary restriction—apps require a newer version of the iPhone OS as they take advantage of new features that are only present in the latest OS and therefore simply won’t even work on the older versions.

The iPod touch 3.1 Software Update can be purchased on the iTunes Store.

Once purchased, iTunes will automatically back up your iPod touch and update it to the newest firmware version after which you should be able to install any of the newer applications.



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