iPod touch and regional App Stores


Q: Is there a region code for a iPod touch? So if you buy one in Germany you can buy Apps and so on in Australia or would you have to go back to Germany and get Apps there?

– Yanis

A: iPod touch models sold in different countries often have unique part numbers, however in most cases these are for packaging purposes only—ensuring proper languages on the box and in the documentation. The only exception to this is that iPod touch models sold in certain Middle East countries have FaceTime disabled (specifically models MC547AB, MC540AB and MC544AB).

There is no restriction, however, on where you buy your apps and where you bought your device, or what country it was sold in. Even the Middle Eastern models with FaceTime disabled do not have any restrictions on the ability to download and install applications from the App Store. In fact, you can even purchase and load apps onto an iPod touch from the App Store from more than one country, provided that you have a separate iTunes Store account in each.

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