Q: My workplace doesn’t have Wi-fi but we have wired connections everywhere. Is there an app or hardware solution for my iPod touch 4G to use a wired network when I’m cabled to a computer with such a connection via its Dock Connector port? This would also be useful in hotels without Wi-Fi.

– Deborah

A: The iPod touch operating system simply does not support accessing a network connection through the Dock Connector, so there is no utility that will be able to do this unless you’ve hacked or jailbroken your device to allow for the installation of third-party drivers.

The better solution, however, is simply to purchase a small mobile Wi-Fi access point such as the Apple Airport Express. These devices sell for around $100 and can be used to connect to a wired Ethernet connection and create your own Wi-Fi hotspot that you can connect to from any Wi-Fi device, including your iPod touch. Note that any portable Wi-Fi router can be used for this as Wi-Fi is a standard protocol, however the Apple Airport Express is particularly portable as it plugs directly into the wall without the need for a separate power cable and has the additional advantage of providing an audio output port that you can use to stream music wirelessly to a set of speakers via AirPlay from your iPod touch or a computer running iTunes.


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