iPod touch compatibility with older iPod adapters

Q: I wonder if iPod touch will work with all iPod adaptors in cars etc, like the connector is the same? Can anyone confirm that they will work with previous iPod adaptors for cars? (like from Kenwood etc)

– Grant

Q: Will the new 80 and 160 GB iPods have the same connector interface for attaching chargers, playing the iPod in the iHome clock radio, Bose, etc?

– Harvey

A: All of the new iPod models use the same 30-pin Dock Connector that has been standard on iPod models since 2003, so most accessories should physically be able to connect.

Our tests on the iPod classic and iPod touch thus far seem to indicate that most audio accessories work without any problems.

As the iPod touch has not been released yet, it is impossible to confirm accessory compatibility at this time, although it should be noted that the reasons for incompatibility with accessories concerning the iPhone were based on phone-specific interference issues that would not apply to the iPod touch.