Q: My iPod is only showing a picture the end of the charging cord that you stick into your computer and above that there is a white arrow pointing upwards to the iTunes symbol. I can’t get the iPod to do anything else. Any suggestions?


A: This normally indicates that you need to connect your iPod touch to iTunes in order to either activate it for first use or restore it. If this is a brand new iPod touch, or you have recently erased all of the data on it using the options found under the Settings, General, Reset menu, then simply connect it to a current version of iTunes running on a Mac or PC and you should be good to go.

This screen can also sometimes appear when the data on the iPod has become corrupted somehow and the iPod needs to be reloaded. In this case, iTunes should notify you that it has detected an iPod in “Recovery Mode” when you first connect it, at which point you can click the “Restore” button to erase the iPod and reload the operating system back onto it from iTunes. This will result in all of the content on your iPod touch being erased, however following this procedure iTunes will offer to restore the last backup it made of your iPod touch and will then re-transfer any media content from iTunes that was stored on your device.


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