iPod touch shuffle mode

Q: My iTunes plays music sequentially but my iPod touch shuffles my music. How do I set my iPod touch to just play music sequentially?

– Walter

A: This is likely because you have shuffle mode enabled on your iPod touch. You can normally toggle the “Shuffle” setting on or off for the current playlist simply by tapping on the album artwork to bring up the extended controls and then tapping the Shuffle button in the top-right corner to toggle Shuffle mode on or off. The button will show up in blue when Shuffle is enabled, and white when Shuffle is off.

Note that you can also activate Shuffle mode by tapping the “Shuffle” entry at the top of a playlist, or by shaking your iPod touch during playback if you have the “Shake to Shuffle” option enabled under your Music preferences in the Settings app.


iPod touch shuffle mode

Once enabled using either of these methods, Shuffle mode will remain on until you manually disable it by tapping the Shuffle button in the top-right corner of the Now Playing screen, as shown above.


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