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Q: I’m having a problem with using a Monster AV cable to connect my iPod classic to show video on a TV. I found good info that tells me to go into Video Settings and turn on the TV output but I still get nothing on my TV. On the other hand, my son’s iPod classic works great. His software version is 1.3 while my software version is 1.1.2. Could this be the reason?

– Phil

A: The problem here is most likely that you are using an older iPod video cable designed for the fifth-generation iPod with your iPod classic.

When Apple released the 2007 iPod models, they snuck in a requirement that only authorized video cables could be used with these new models. This includes the iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano (with video) and iPod touch, and any newer iPod models. Based on the firmware versions, it is likely that your son’s “iPod classic” is actually a fifth-generation iPod (with video), which did not include this video lockout restriction, since the latest firmware for the 2007 iPod classic is v1.1.2 (note that the 2008 120G GB iPod classic uses v2.0), while the current firmware for the 5G iPod is v1.3.

For more information, see our article Apple locks TV Out in new iPods, breaks video add-ons.

The end result of this is a much more limited set of video output options for these newer iPod models. Apple provides their own Composite AV Cable and Component AV Cables, but you may also be able to find slightly more inexpensive options available such as ezGear’s Video Cable or the Rocketfish AV Cable for Select Apple iPod Models (Model RF-IPODAV) which can usually be found at major retailers such as Best Buy. It should be noted, however, that these cables are usually only about $10-$15 less than Apple’s own cables which do include a power adapter. If you plan on watching feature-length movies from your iPod on your TV you will most likely want to plug you iPod in, so if you do not already have an iPod USB power adapter then the Apple cables may be worth the additional expense.



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