iPod videos playing without video track


Q: When I put (properly converted) videos onto my iPod and go to watch them, they play like music files. I can hear the sound of the movie but there is no picture; instead, I only see the position bar down the bottom like when I listen to music.

– Chris

A: There are two possible reasons for this problem, and both of them are extraordinarily easy to resolve:

The first possible issue is that you’re accessing your videos through the “Music” item on the iPod’s main menu. This is a feature very useful for Music Videos, for example, where you can listen to the audio track of a movie file without dealing with the video track. To watch a video, you must access it from the “Videos” menu.

Another possible reason for this issue is that you simply have TV-Out activated. The iPod doesn’t simultaneously output the video track to both the TV and the iPod’s screen. To reenable on-iPod viewing, navigate to “Videos → Video Settings” and toggle the “TV Out” option to “Off”.

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