Q: I have had an unusual problem with my iPod:  Every morning at 8:10AM it starts playing by itself!  This happens even when I have securely shut down the system with the Hold switch. If I forget to check it, it uses up my battery completely! Plus, since I listen to audiobooks on tape, it completely throws me off of my bookmark and then I have to re-listen to huge portions of the book in order to get back to where I was the last time that I used it.

The only thought that I have about this problem is that I recently had a bad virus on my computer. Could that possibly have affected the programming of the iPod? If so, can I fix this problem by re-installing the software?

– Connie

A: No need to worry – nothing is malfunctioning, and nothing has been damaged by a virus: you simply have your iPod’s alarm clock set, and programmed to play a playlist!

To disable the alarm, simply browse to “Extras → Clock,” enter each of your iPod’s clock entries, and find the one with “Alarm” set to “On.” Then, simply disable it, and your problem is solved!


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