iPod windows driver installation errors

Q: I am getting a error message on my computer when trying to install a new iPod. The error message states that the hardware has not passed Windows logo testing and recommends that I stop installation? What do I do? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

– Pam

A: This is a standard error message from Windows that indicates that the driver that is being installed has simply not been “certified” by Microsoft.

This could either be due to the driver in fact not being certified, or a problem with the registry on your installation of Windows that tracks the list of certified drivers.

Regardless, it is not uncommon to encounter drivers for many products that fit into this category, and it is generally safe to proceed with the installation, regardless of the rather draconian recommendation to stop. Simply proceed with the driver installation, and you should be fine.

Note that if Windows does not permit you to proceed, it is likely because there is a system policy that has been set on your computer to only allow the installation of certified drivers. If this is a work computer, this policy has likely been set by your IT department and there may be no way around it.