iPods received from Apple’s Battery Replacement Program

Q: I have a 4th Generation iPod and I really want to get a new video iPod with a color screen. I was wondering if I sent in my current iPod for a battery replacement, would I receive a new 5th Generation iPod as the replacement? I thought this would be a cheap way to get a better iPod… surely Apple doesn’t just make old iPods for battery replacement.

– Hunter

A: Sorry, but we certainly wouldn’t expect that to happen. We’ve never heard of anyone receiving any sort of upgrade through Apple’s Out-of-warranty Battery Replacement Program.

According to Apple, the iPod you receive may be “new, used, or refurbished,” but nowhere does Apple suggest that you may receive a different iPod model (better or worse) than the one you paid for. In most cases, you’ll receive a refurbished unit of the same model number you sent in.